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What To Do: New Orleans

If you’re spending a few days in New Orleans, you’ll probably focus on the French Quarter and the Garden District. Maybe branch out to the Financial District or take a boat ride to Algiers Point. Truth be told, those spots are small enough that after a few days you’ll feel like you’ve exhausted all possibilities. And how much can you really drink, anyway?

If the answer is “a lot,” then you can be very happy in New Orleans, day drinking and catching local Jazz in any number of touristy hangouts. You have carte blanche in New Orleans to over-do it. For the most part, no one will judge you for public intoxication and/or nudity. It’s part of the deal. As fun as that sounds, it may get old fast. Kinda like only going to Amsterdam for the weed. Once you give in to the touristy stuff, dig a little deeper.

Once you give in to the touristy stuff, dig a little deeper.

I guess there are certain things you have to do. A drunken walk down Bourbon Street people watching is likely something you won’t forget. Just know that you’ll be accosted by charming shysters trying to separate you from your cash. If you can catch some music at Preservation Hall, do it. Add a stop at Old Absinthe House, Voodoo Authentica and Cafe Du Monde. Take a walk down Magazine Street for some shopping. Watch the artists in Jackson Square do their thing. Then use the map below for a deeper dive.

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