The NoMad: Part II

20JPREST1-articleLargeI went to The NoMad back when I started this blog and felt totally out of place.  By now I’ve been there four times and it feels like home. In fact, I had an epiphany some nights ago during appetizers that this is officially my favorite restaurant. The distinction is fluid, yes, but right now The NoMad reigns supreme.

The problem with blogs like this, and Facebook and Twitter, is that people see these posts and think your life is going from one expensive meal to another, without a care in the world. Truth is there’s plenty of hardships to go around but that is not going to stop me from enjoying my pants off tonight.

 The distinction is fluid, yes, but right now The NoMad reigns supreme.

I take a hot shower before taking the F into Brooklyn with the excitement of a man about to visit an expensive prostitute. Admittedly, I can only guess about that, but that’s what was going through my mind; That I was about to experience the sexy charms of a true professional.

We walk through the hotel lobby then beneath a huge skylight to our disarmingly comfortable chairs. We’re surrounded by folks with every intention to enjoy expertly prepared food and some creative cocktails. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine. I watched the table next to us order four bottles. Who knows what that cost. Our cocktails were about $16 each… and worth every penny of my girlfriend’s money.

I was about to experience the sexy charms of a true professional.

Did I mention it was my birthday?

“I’m gonna put you through the wringer,” I say to her.
“Go, ahead, it’s your birfday, my boy.”

So, armed with the truth that I am one of the luckiest people I know,  Kim and I decide to switch it up tonight. Order different things. Not the old standbys we love so much. Only that’s not exactly what happened.

“We kinda have to have the foie and the poached egg.”
“Is that what you want?” she asks. “We had those before.”
“I want those badly,” I say.

We order a few ingenious cocktails. I start with my usual Start Me Up (bourbon, rum, strega, honey, ginger, lemon, orange bitters). Kim gets the Bread and Butternut (vodka, cream sherry, amontillado sherry, becherovka, butternut squash, lemon, angostura bitters). Both are marginally sweet, but totally ready to be paired with food. I promise you.

Bread and Butternut - The NoMad

1 Bread - The NoMad

We start with something new. Fresh radishes with butter frozen in time by liquid nitrogen and accompanied by some fleur de sel. Oh, and a nice fresh rye bread hits the table hot and scrumptious. We’d barrel through one and half of those before the meal ends.

And yes, during the Foie Gras and poached egg appetizers, listening to classic rock, facing my girl with a slight buzz… nothing else mattered. None of this election noise. No terrorism. No injustice. Just happiness in one of my favorite places to find it.

Spreading that black truffled foie on brioche, with a little truffle sauce… it doesn’t get better than that. Except, of course, for that amazing Poached Egg on quinoa with Parmesan foam and asparagus. The perfect plate of food. One of the best plates in NYC, for my money. I mean, my girlfriend’s money.

Radish - The NoMad Poached Egg - The NoMad Foie - The NoMad

A server recommended two new drinks for us and we drank them happily. Mine was the Scarlet Knight, which was dry rye gin, carpano antica sweet vermouth, amaro ramazzotti, amaro zucca, cranberries, lemon, mint, and Douglas fir. I got a face-ful of mint every time I took a sip. Kim opted for the Koala Pear made with new american gin, pear eau de vie, cocchi americano, lemon, eucalyptus, bay leaf, and sparkling mineral water.

People see these posts and think your life is going from one expensive meal to another.

For the main, we eschewed their famous chicken dish (which I love) and tired something new. I had the Suckling Pig, which was remarkable. Crispy skin atop tender pork confit with cabbage and pears and a delightful boudin noir. It was out of this world. The contrast of the skin with the pork underneath and then the rich and soft boudin noir sausage… so amazing.

Kim was slightly underwhelmed with her lovely Loup de Mer dish, Loup is a European Seabass and was poached with parsnips, crispy kale & salsa verde. I tried and liked it, but for Kim it was under-seasoned. And as you know, restaurants like this don’t put salt or pepper on the table due to some weird code that Chef’s are supposed to season for every possible palate. A good fish if you’re afraid of “fishy” fish, but my girl is more adventurous than that. You live and learn.

2Scarlet The NoMad Suckling Pig - The NoMad Fish The NoMad

I ordered a perfect Latte and we shared the Milk Chocolate. I know, I could eat their Milk & Honey dessert every day, but we needed something different. We were not disappointed. The Milk Chocolate is ganache with chocolate fondant and malt ice cream, with some crispy chocolate cookie pieces. Perfection.

“I could eat here everyday,” I say.
“I know you could.”

We walk out through the huge bar and library, through the new bar where they also serve food. I can see myself coming back for lunch one day and having a few drinks. I hear they have a chicken sandwich with foie that’s as good as anything else on the menu. Part III of my review is inevitable.

Kim and I hit the street full and happy, holding each tightly as we walked off dinner. We pass a homeless woman pushing a shopping cart.

“You’re smothering her!” the woman screams at me.

Ah, back to life.

Latte - The NoMad Milk Chocolate - The NoMad